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It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to our special world of Engineering supplies and services where quality and superior engineering products give us a cutting edge over our competitors.

We believe in being able to evolve with the ever-changing needs and demands / requirements of our valued customers. Our expanded network of foreign principals and product portfolio is substantial proof of how well we understand & deal with the demands of our customers, enabling us to strive towards more modern and efficient services. We are sure now you must be well informed / aware of how our working relationship, services and confidence works. QFS International was established in 1992 as a multifaceted Company having a well established Indenting division, however, considering the growing needs the Indenting Division has been converted into “QFS Indenters Pvt Ltd”. We have since been connecting manufacturers / suppliers and Companies of repute with Buyers in Pakistan.

The Indenting services are now being handled by the new company which is dealing with Oil, Gas, Telecom, Iron, Steel, Cement, Power & Power Generation, Energy, Environment, Fertilizer sectors related machinery / equipment e.g. Construction machinery & equipment, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Valves, Metals, Gas Measurement, Catholic Protection ,Polyethylene Materials, Generators specially Thermoelectric Generators etc.

A very good team of foreign manufacturers / principals are supporting our clients on very reasonable / competitive prices, technical conformance, compliance of tender terms & conditions, on time shipments, post supplies care / cooperation and responsive attitude.

QFS Indenters Pvt Ltd has the able support of several renowned persons from the Oil & Gas sector, attached as “Consultants”, providing the technical support & guidance.

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