Our team

Our team

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The title “QFS indentors pvt ltd” itself indicates what we do. However for the last 22 years as an indenting house we have been involved in indenting business econnect manufactures / suppliers internationally with large buyers in pakistan.

We are registered as suppliers & or local agents with our customers from oil & gas telecom fertilizer power energy cement & steel industries of pakistan.

It`s indeed our pride to supply oil gas telecom iron steel cement power & power generation enegry enviroment fertilizer sector related machinery / equipment e.g construction machinery & equipment & pipe fittings valves metals gas measurement cathodic protection polyethylene materials compression equipment generators and thermoelectric generators etc.

Financial & technical bid proposal are being obtained from our world renowned manufacturers/suppliers/principals & provide to our customers against tender enquiries on day to day normal enquiries.

In this respect we coordinate between the customer & the bidding principals and provide all possible / necessary services to both customers as well as to the bidding principals.

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